Current Work

Familie Fluse - Wie Wollmäuse Wohnen

"Familie Fluse - Wie Wollmäuse Wohnen",

ist eine Serie von Wimmel-/Suchbildern entwickelt, zusammen mit, und für die Bilderbuchzeitschrift Gecko. Die Wollmäuse leben bei den Menschen überall im Haus und erleben dort immer neue Abenteuer. Dafür konzipiere, baue und fotogafiere ich jede Szene.


'Family Fluse - How The Dust-Mice Live',

is a series of 'busy-scene' or 'I-spy' pictures developed together with and for the German children's magazine 'Gecko'. The family of dust-mice lives everywhere in the human's house. In each picture they go on a new adventure. For that, I design, build and photograph each scene.



Flamingo Music

Flamingo Music - The crossmedia musical series for kids.

The charming protagonist, a music-loving Flamingo, takes the children on a journey to different countries where he meets other animals and discovers their music and instruments.

The project FLAMINGO-MUSIC is a lovingly-designed, high-quality and funny edutainment series in which the flamingo accompanies children in their musical development from early childhood to school age (Print: 1,5+ | TV-Series: 2,5+ | App: 3+).


Producer/Director/Writer: Christina Heeck

Producer: Franziska Remmele